Mystery/Drama, 80 Minutes, Color

Ashley Rain Turner

JP Allen

and Rebecca deBoer star in this noir mystery

Cinematography by Daniel Teixeira-Gomes
Produced by Cathy Montosa

Creative Producer, Chopper Bernet

Associate Producers, Dawn Rich, Jason Wolos

Art Design by Leslie Bamburg
Director of Lighting, Robert Elvin

Written/Directed by JP Allen

with music by

Blue Tofu

The Highway Poets

Jesca Hoop

Jordann Mitchell

and Shoulders

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All rights reserved.

"Iconoclastic American independent auteurs Orson Welles and JP Allen open opposite each other in the Bay Area this weekend ..."
— Michael Fox, KQED Arts, SF


THE FILMMAKER, a feature film, is inspired by the author's novel of the same name.  The video below gives background on the two novels (GAMBLING and THE FILMMAKER) related to our latest film.

An isolated photographer returns home to find his apartment ransacked, his credit accounts compromised, and a bizarre recording waiting on his computer.  Soon, he receives an anonymous phone call from a young woman seeking his help in committing a crime of revenge.  This layered story weaves themes of identity, intimate secrets, and the shifting meaning of the past.

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"SF Writer/Director unspools a mystery ..."

— Pam Grady, SF Chronicle

“A love letter to San Francisco . . . And at long last, who is the filmmaker in The Filmmaker?  The answer may surprise you.”

— Sherilyn Connelly, SF Weekly

Your identity has just been stolen.


A dramatic character puzzle box.”
— Dennis Harvey,
48Hills, SF