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SEX and Imagining


Like other C AND L films, SEX AND IMAGINING was controversial from the first public reading of the script.  Does the story concern a perverse relationship or a deeply loving one? Is the relationship ever resolved or is it an unending mind game?  The script was intended as both a play and a screenplay and has been performed on stage in NYC, LA and SF.  As a film, it was intended as an experiment, an effort to create a "chamber film" that embodies the Chinese box labyrinth of the story.  The internet success of this small experimental film was a surprise and also controversial because some viewers mistake it for pornography, and others struggle with whether it is a play or a film.   

BELIEF actually preceded S AND I but represents a similar experiment and a similar story structure.  This feature film was shot in three days.  Both films were shot using multiple cameras and extremely long takes.

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Two Films On the Edge

with Chopper Bernet and Chris Pflueger
Written and Directed by JP Allen

A member of a fanatical group tries to convince a man to radically alter his life.

The first in a pair of "chamber films" (productions designed with deliberately limited locations and cast size), BELIEF is an experiment in tension and psychological manipulation.  Shot largely in a single location using extended takes and multiple cameras, it features stunning performances by Chopper Bernet and Chris Pflueger.

Directors of Photography, KC Smith and David Driver
Sound, Daniel Teixeira-Gomes
Producer, Rick Rosenberg
Executive Producers, Janis DeLucia Allen, Chopper Bernet
Produced in association with Walk the Path Productions

BELIEF, A Feature Film
Drama, 87 Minutes, Color

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A woman picks up a man whose car has broken down on an isolated mountain road and an amazing night begins.  By turns frightening, tender, and erotic, this feature film stars Sally Clawson and Chris Pflueger in the second C AND L experimental "chamber film".  Also produced on stage, the script was hailed by the LA WEEKLY as "elegant yet mystifying . . . puts one in mind of vintage Hitchcock."

Written and Directed by JP Allen
Directors of Photography, KC Smith and Miles Montalbano
Produced by Liz Ross
Sound by Daniel Teixeira-Gomes
Songs and Music, John Dole and Precious Mud, Liz Ross
Executive Producers, Rick Rosenberg and Janis DeLucia Allen

Article from SF360 (San Francisco Film Society)

Drama / Mystery, 74 Minutes, Color and BW