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Nominee, Golden Starfish Award, Hamptons Intl Film Festival
(Largest US Independent Film Prize)
Nominee, Best Screenplay, Hamptons International Film Festival
Nominee, Best Cinematography, Hamptons International Film Festival

Official Selection, Victoria Film Festival, Canadian Premiere

Winner, Best Feature Film, Berkeley Film and Video Festival

Winner, Best Feature, LA Y.I. Film Festival, Raleigh Studios, Hollywood

Winner, Honorable Mention, Ojai Film Festival

Official Selection, California Independent Film Festival

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Drama / Comedy, 87 Minutes, Color and BW

In memory of Charles Blackburn, Pat Everett and Steve Kang

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Can you fall in love on the page?

A man falls deeply in love with a novelist that he's never met. He finds her at a coffeehouse and, despite her resistance, tells a mysterious and passionate story.

"Brilliant ... unpredictable sorties into words and ideas at their most liberating and emotionally striking." -- VARIETY

Chopper Bernet

Janis DeLucia Allen
JP Allen
Chris Pflueger
Charles Blackburn
Fred Pitts
Terry Bamberger
Pat Everett
Kate Sheehan
Scott Nordquist
Jamie and Mackenzie Angell

Written and Directed by JP Allen
Director of Photography KC Smith
Original Music by SHOULDERS
Assistant Director Cheryl Hendrickson


COFFEE AND LANGUAGE has been controversial from the first reading of the script - can a film focus primarily on language and dialogue and even include short stories that are read on screen?  Many feel the answer is "no" and we were urged more than once not to make this film.  Programmers have argued about it and sometimes audience members have walked out.  Some feel the basic idea is the opposite of cinematic art and more in the realm of the theatre.  While we understand the importance of the image, we (and other audience members) disagree - in narrative film, the image supports the story and therefore should be used as the story demands. 

Black and white photography (nominee for Best Cinematography at the Hamptons International Film Festival) and limited camera movement are two of the deliberate tools used to focus this film on a love story between writers.  In fact, it's a Valentine for both writers and lovers.